5 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Engine To Install In Your Old Saab


As a Saab owner, you likely keep your vehicle around due to the many benefits it offers, such as the opportunity to enjoy lower than average crime rates. So instead of buying a new vehicle when the engine goes out, it's worth considering replacing your old engine with a used one that works. You'll save money and continue to enjoy all the things you love about your old Saab. Here are a few things to consider when buying a used engine to install in your Saab:

12 March 2018

Bump In The Night? 3 Things To Know When Repairing Your Bumper After An Accident


Your vehicle is an investment that should be protected at all times. Unfortunately, accidents do occur. Even a small bump by another car can damage your vehicle to the point that it needs repairs. While minor, a dented, dinged, or scratched bumper can be restored easily. If your bumper is damaged, here are a few tips to ensure it is repaired in the most efficient, effective, and affordable manner possible.

8 February 2018

Making Sure You Choose The Right Oil For A Display BMW


A BMW display model is a useful way to show off a high-quality vehicle in a dealership. However, dealers don't often take steps to ensure that the oil in these vehicles is in great shape. Failure to do so could affect the car and make it nearly impossible to sell. Leaving A BMW Sitting Can Affect The Oil If you leave a BMW sitting too long in a display area, it can start to seriously affect the engine and the oil.

27 January 2018

3 Simple Tips For Care And Repairs Of Diesel Engines To Improve Performance


In North America, the most common auto maintenance advice we get is for gasoline engines, but what about cars and trucks with diesel engines? The maintenance is similar with a diesel engine, which typically need oil changes less frequently and have heaters instead of spark plugs. Here are some tips for repairs and care of your diesel vehicle to extend its life: 1. Winter Weather and Essential Diesel Engine Maintenance

25 January 2018

3 Reasons To Buy A Used Car


Everyone wishes they could afford the newest and best car on the market, but the truth is that the cost of any new vehicle may be too much for many people. If you need to replace your old vehicle, don't assume that buying new is the best option. There are many benefits of used cars, and with so many reputable dealers offering both new and used cars for sale, you are sure to find one that is perfect.

23 January 2018

3 Dramatic Differences Between Modern Engines And Older Engine Models


People like to think of the vehicular engine as something that has remained fairly consistent in design over the last several decades. However, just like other mechanical machines, the vehicular engine has greatly evolved over the years as new technology and new engine operation understanding has developed. If your car runs on an older Hyundai Sonata engine, for example, the truth is that the engine under the hood will be much different in design and function than what would be under the hood of a brand new vehicle.

17 January 2018

3 Important Engine Components To Ensure Are Intact Before Buying A Non-Functioning Automobile


Whether you are buying a car that you can fix up to resell or you need a vehicle of your own and are short on funds, there are always vehicles out there for sale by owners that have some mechanical flaws. Finding a vehicle that will not run or is not currently driveable usually means you can get it for a fraction of its usual market value. However, buying a car that doesn't run is also somewhat of a gamble.

5 January 2018