5 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Engine To Install In Your Old Saab


As a Saab owner, you likely keep your vehicle around due to the many benefits it offers, such as the opportunity to enjoy lower than average crime rates. So instead of buying a new vehicle when the engine goes out, it's worth considering replacing your old engine with a used one that works. You'll save money and continue to enjoy all the things you love about your old Saab. Here are a few things to consider when buying a used engine to install in your Saab:

Who Will Install the Engine?

When comparing used engines, it's important to consider who you're buying them from to determine whether or not you can count on them to install the engine for you. Special tools and equipment, such as an engine crane, need to be used during the installation process. So if the company you buy the engine from doesn't have the right equipment, you'll have to have the engine transported to a third-party service provider who can do the job. Save yourself some time and money by making sure that the company you decide to buy your used engine from can also professionally install it for you. They should also be willing to dispose of the old engine for you.

Is the Work Guaranteed?

It is also important to think about what will happen if something goes wrong during or after the installation due to technician error. While the chance is small, you should not have to pay for the replacement parts or extra repairs if something on the engine gets damaged while it's being installed.

And you shouldn't have to worry about paying for repairs if the engine fails a week after installation. Make sure that the company you buy your used engine from offers a guarantee for their workmanship so you aren't stuck footing the bill for a mistake during installation, no matter how small that mistake is.

Is a Warranty Available?

You should also make sure that the used engine you purchase comes with some kind of warranty so you're financially protected for at least the first year after installation. If the engine is not too old, it may still be under a manufacturer's warranty. And no matter how old the used engine is, the company you buy yours from may be able to offer you an extended warranty that covers the main components of the engine in case of a breakdown in the near future. Ask for a list of available warranty options for each used engine you consider buying so you can compare them side by side and ensure all aspects small and large are considered.

What Maintenance Is Needed?

Depending on the condition and age of the used engine you decide to buy, there may be some maintenance tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis to keep it in good condition as time goes on. Find out what kind of maintenance is required for a prospective engine before buying it so you can determine whether you want to spend the time and energy managing those requirements in the future. If you aren't up for the challenge, it's a good idea to continue your search for a used engine that doesn't need any special care.

Where Can Repairs Be Made?

If the used engine you buy needs a tuneup or repair in the future, you need to be sure that you know who you can go to for reliable care. If the company you buy the engine from doesn't offer repair services, they may have a relationship with a reputable service provider who can take care of your ongoing needs. Ensure that you know exactly where you can go for repairs when having your used engine installed so you know what to expect as you manage your vehicle in the coming years.

Contact a company that sells OEM Saab parts for additional information.


12 March 2018

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