3 Dramatic Differences Between Modern Engines And Older Engine Models


People like to think of the vehicular engine as something that has remained fairly consistent in design over the last several decades. However, just like other mechanical machines, the vehicular engine has greatly evolved over the years as new technology and new engine operation understanding has developed. If your car runs on an older Hyundai Sonata engine, for example, the truth is that the engine under the hood will be much different in design and function than what would be under the hood of a brand new vehicle. Here is a look at some of the most dramatic differences between older and newer model engines. 

Modern engines are far more fuel efficient than older ones. 

Older engines were designed to run and generate power; fuel use was just a necessary part of the equation. However, because modern drivers are more concerned with fuel efficiency, modern engines are mostly built to suit their ideas. You would be hard-pressed to find an old motor that was capable of giving you the fuel efficiency you find today. This is why a lot of classic car owners may have mostly original engine parts and components, but these cars are usually outfitted with an eclectic addition of modern auto parts for fuel-efficiency purposes. 

Modern engines tend to be smaller and lighter weight. 

Why is it most older cars and vehicles were pretty large? The truth of the matter is all of the parts and components used to power and build those vehicles were larger. With the modern technology that is now available, it is completely possible to scale down some of the more bulky engine parts. For example, the radiator used to keep the engine cooled is much smaller in modern vehicles than in older models. Not only are the overall engines smaller, they weigh less, which also contributes to fuel efficiency. 

Modern engines rely more on electronic and technical parts than basic machine processes. 

If you dig deep enough into a modern engine, you will find a lot of parts that would probably blow oldtimer auto manufacturers away. Computers, delicate sensors, electronic relays–the modern engine utilizes modern technology in a lot of the common processes that keep the motor running. These features tend to make the engine more long-lived and reliable, but can also be in place because they boost power efficiency as well. Old engines were built to run, but many involved a lot of human interaction and input to remain functional. 


17 January 2018

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