What Happens To Your Junk Car After The Tow Truck Leaves?


Selling an old clunker to a junkyard is an excellent way to make some quick cash, especially if you've got a hulk taking up space on your property. Of course, your car doesn't simply vanish into the ether after the tow truck arrives. Junk car buyers make cash offers because they know they can potentially turn on a profit on your old vehicle, but how does the process work? The path ahead of your old vehicle will depend on numerous factors, each of which can influence how many steps sit between it and its ultimate fate as a cube of scrap metal.

18 October 2021

Why Can't You Use A Car Battery In Your Electric Golf Cart?


Electric golf carts offer many advantages. If you live in an area where golf carts are a common form of transportation, then they can mean the difference between being stuck at home and the freedom to roam. The batteries are one of the most critical components for any electric golf cart, but you may be wondering whether car batteries are an acceptable suitable. An electric golf cart requires specialized batteries to operate properly, just like an electric car.

9 June 2021

3 Tips For Buying A Fiberglass Body Kit For Your Classic Car


If you are working on fixing up the exterior of your classic car, you could be thinking about buying a fiberglass body kit. If you have never done this before, then you may not know much about buying or installing a fiberglass body kit for your car. These tips can help you through this essential process of getting your classic car project completed so that your car will look its best and be the most valuable.

15 November 2019

How Do You Pick The Best Air Conditioner For Your RV?


From making your way through the sandy desert out west to traveling through subtropical climates down south, there are numerous reasons why having an air conditioner in your RV is important. If the AC in your RV has stopped working and you are tasked with finding a replacement, it is really important that you know how to find the best. There are many different RV ACs out there to choose from, and not all of them boast the same quality or efficiency.

17 July 2019

Buying And Caring For New Diesel Engines


Buying the best auto parts will carry your vehicle far when it comes down to it. The more that you look into caring for your automobile and buying the right engine and other parts, the greater the performance you will find with your vehicle, whether it's a personal car that gets you around or a semi-truck that endures several thousand miles.  To this end, start reading the points below so that you can get the most out of your diesel engine purchase and repair.

22 May 2019

3 Tips To Help You Sell Your Junk Car


Most people drive their cars on a daily basis, but if a car is extensively damaged in an accident, has extremely high mileage, is no longer worth repairing, or stops running all together, it can be frustrating to deal with. Most people don't want a damaged or broken down car sitting in their driveway or garage for an extended amount of time, but a lot of vehicle owners don't know what to do with their junk cars.

31 December 2018

Muffler Mayhem: Is Your Muffler In Distress?


From oil changes and tire rotations to replacing the wiper blades and refilling brake fluid, the various tasks to maintain your vehicle can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, these tasks are all essential to ensure your car, truck, or SUV is running in the most efficient and safest manner possible. The muffler is one part of the vehicle that many people forget requires maintenance. This guide will help you understand the importance of the muffler and if it is time to repair or replace it.

4 August 2018