3 Important Engine Components To Ensure Are Intact Before Buying A Non-Functioning Automobile


Whether you are buying a car that you can fix up to resell or you need a vehicle of your own and are short on funds, there are always vehicles out there for sale by owners that have some mechanical flaws. Finding a vehicle that will not run or is not currently driveable usually means you can get it for a fraction of its usual market value. However, buying a car that doesn't run is also somewhat of a gamble.

If certain auto parts are missing or dysfunctional in some models, you would be better off just spending the extra money to get a different, running vehicle. Here is a look at three important engine components to ensure are functional before you hand over cash for a non-functioning car or truck. 

Is the fuel system sound?

The fuel system is responsible for the delivery of fuel to the engine to keep it running, which is of course, important. However, if there are obvious issues with the fuel system, it can mean that the rest of the engine has suffered the consequences. For example, if the fuel tank has been removed because someone contaminated the fuel inside of the tank, that contamination could've managed to get inside the rest of the motor and pretty much ruin its capability to fire and function. Therefore, be very cautious about buying a non-running vehicle that is missing fuel system components. If they are missing, find out why. 

Is the radiator in good working condition?

the radiator in the engine is meant to prevent the motor from overheating by cycling coolant through various lines and encouraging cooler temperatures. If a vehicle has a radiator that is missing or not working, make sure you find out if the engine is still in decent shape. When an engine is allowed to overheat, it can cause everything from warped heads to cracked and melted gaskets deep inside of the engine. 

Is the main engine block in sound condition?

Referred to as the engine block, this central auto part is actually the housing to several other important components of the engine. The blockhouses coolant passages, the crankcase, and several other critical things. Therefore, if the engine block is damaged or missing, you just about have no other option than to pay for a complete engine rebuild. Rebuilding the block is one of the more costly issues with an automobile's engine. 

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5 January 2018

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