3 Simple Tips For Care And Repairs Of Diesel Engines To Improve Performance


In North America, the most common auto maintenance advice we get is for gasoline engines, but what about cars and trucks with diesel engines? The maintenance is similar with a diesel engine, which typically need oil changes less frequently and have heaters instead of spark plugs. Here are some tips for repairs and care of your diesel vehicle to extend its life:

1. Winter Weather and Essential Diesel Engine Maintenance

When winter weather arrives, you will notice it more in a diesel vehicle. Extremely cold temperatures can cause fuel to turn into jelly and cause problems with starting. It is important to do maintenance like checking and changing fluids for formulas that are apt for colder climates and checking heater plugs to make sure they do not need to change. If you drive or live in a harsh winter climate area, you may want to invest in heating blankets to protect fuel from turning into a gel-like substance and causing problems when starting your engine.

2. Changing the Oil and Fluids of Diesel Engines as Needed

Oil and other fluids are also important in a diesel engine and may need to be changed seasonally for optimal performance in different weather conditions. Late spring when temperatures have warmed up, you will want to change fluids from the winter formulas to summer formulas. In late fall, it will be time to change oil and fluids for winter formulas, which are thinner and reduce cold problems in diesel engines.

3. Fuel Systems and Problems That Affect Diesel Engine Performance

Another area where you may have problems with modern diesel engines is the fuel system. This is because to give the diesel more power, turbos and fuel injection systems are used. The natural composition of diesel fuel is a waste product from the manufacturing of other fuels. This means that it has high amounts of contaminates, as well as moisture. To reduce these fuel problems, use premium fuel that is more refined and occasionally add a fuel injector cleaner to the tank. In addition, you will also want to make sure that filters are changed frequently. If you do have a fuel problem, try cleaning sensors and parts of the fuel injection and air intake system, as well as replace the air filter.

With the right maintenance, diesel engine vehicles will often outlast gasoline engines, which is why they have become a standard for commercial vehicles like semi-trucks. If you need help with repairs and improvements to your diesel engine, contact an truck repair service that specializes in diesel vehicles. For great information about truck care, visit A & B Truck Recycling.   


25 January 2018

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