Bump In The Night? 3 Things To Know When Repairing Your Bumper After An Accident


Your vehicle is an investment that should be protected at all times. Unfortunately, accidents do occur. Even a small bump by another car can damage your vehicle to the point that it needs repairs. While minor, a dented, dinged, or scratched bumper can be restored easily. If your bumper is damaged, here are a few tips to ensure it is repaired in the most efficient, effective, and affordable manner possible.

Repair Versus Replace

Depending on the severity of damage, you will have the option to either repair or replace the bumper after an accident. There are pros and cons to each option, but the most important thing to know is that a repair can save you a great deal of money. On average, a repair will cost $450 compared to a replacement that may cost you $900.

Of course, not every bumper can be just repaired.

If your bumper is cracked or has severe scratches and discoloration of the paint, a complete replacement will be necessary. In addition, your auto body specialist will recommend a replacement if the accident has damaged the actual hooks on the bumper. Broken or warped hooks will not be able to hold the bumper securely in place.

DIY Is Not Recommended

No matter if you are going to repair and repaint the bumper or replace it completely, doing the job yourself is not recommended unless you have the right amount of experience, space, and supplies.

Local automotive parts stores may offer a large selection of body fillers and paint, but these products will not match up to the color and finish of your car's paint. Using these products can alter the way your car looks while decreasing its overall value.

Trusting the professionals to either repair or replace your bumper is a smarter option. They have the skills and supplies necessary to ensure the task is completed in the best way possible.

Consider Aftermarket, Maybe

If you need to replace your bumper, you may consider an aftermarket replacement because it is more affordable. This can be a great way to save money, but if the aftermarket bumper is not specifically designed for your vehicle's make and model, it can become a problem.

Some aftermarket bumpers may not hold the safety standards of new parts. This can increase the risk of serious damage to not only your bumper but also your entire car if you are involved in an accident.

If you are able to find an aftermarket bumper that is certified by the Automotive Parts Association, it can be a good investment for your car's value, appearance, and safety.

If something bumped your vehicle in the night or during normal daytime operation, a repair or replacement should be a priority. Using this guide and the help of your auto body tech, you can restore your vehicle after the accident. For more information and assistance, contact a company like Flint Bumper Mart


8 February 2018

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