Making Sure You Choose The Right Oil For A Display BMW


A BMW display model is a useful way to show off a high-quality vehicle in a dealership. However, dealers don't often take steps to ensure that the oil in these vehicles is in great shape. Failure to do so could affect the car and make it nearly impossible to sell.

Leaving A BMW Sitting Can Affect The Oil

If you leave a BMW sitting too long in a display area, it can start to seriously affect the engine and the oil. This problem is something that commonly occurs with display models because dealers don't move them around enough. However, this problem can also occur if they try to start the engine after letting it sit for too long.  

Another problem with letting your BMW sit with the same oil too long is that it can settle and gunk up the motor. Even if your car isn't being driven regularly, the oil will start to settle and get dirty. It might get dirtier at a slower pace than normal, but it will eventually become a problem. As a result, the engine might be damaged when you do drive the vehicle or sell it to somebody.

This means that you have to find a high-quality oil that fits in your BMW engine and protects it as much as possible. You also have to make sure to change the oil semi-regularly to ensure that no damage occurs to the engine before you sell it.

Oil Type Is Very Important For A BMW

All of these problems make it very important to carefully choose oil when displaying a BMW. For example, it is usually a good idea to add 5w-40 or 5w-30 into this engine. Seven quarts of 5w-40 is usually a good addition because this heavier motor oil will last for longer in the engine and is typically safer to display for a longer period of time.

However, it isn't a bad idea to put in 5w-30 if you plan on driving the car at any point. For example, you may need to transport it from a display area to a dealership in order to sell it. You may also want to drive it through town as a form of advertising. Putting in 5w-30 is a good choice because it is lighter and runs through your engine more efficiently.

By carefully managing the  BMW engine oil, you can make sure that your display model doesn't suffer from any engine problems. Make sure to replace it every four or five months or so to ensure that it doesn't settle and gunk up the motor.


27 January 2018

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