Why Can't You Use A Car Battery In Your Electric Golf Cart?


Electric golf carts offer many advantages. If you live in an area where golf carts are a common form of transportation, then they can mean the difference between being stuck at home and the freedom to roam. The batteries are one of the most critical components for any electric golf cart, but you may be wondering whether car batteries are an acceptable suitable.

An electric golf cart requires specialized batteries to operate properly, just like an electric car. If it's time to replace the batteries in your cart, understanding why this is the case can help you choose the proper replacements.

Comparing Deep Cycle and Starting Batteries

The key to understanding how the batteries in your golf cart differ from your car's batteries lies in their primary purpose. The typical automobile uses a type of battery known as a "starting" battery. These batteries provide a jolt of power for a short amount of time to engage the starter motor. You should never fully discharge a starting battery since you may damage it.

On the other hand, your golf cart uses a bank of deep cycle batteries. Unlike starting batteries, deep cycle batteries can handle a significant amount of discharge. Although you shouldn't run your batteries entirely down, you won't damage them through everyday use. This behavior is essential since your golf cart relies on its batteries to power everything, including the electric motors.

Even if you could manage to wire standard car batteries into your golf cart, they would fail to provide adequate power for the motors or other accessories. Attempting this may damage your golf cart and would undoubtedly damage the car batteries.

Choosing the Correct Batteries

The only way to properly replace the batteries in your golf cart is by using appropriate 6-, 8-, or 12-volt golf cart batteries. Depending on the voltage of the individual batteries and whether you have a 36v or 48v golf cart, you may need to replace between three and eight batteries. While it is possible to modify most golf carts to use different voltage batteries, it's often safest to perform a direct replacement.

Using the correct batteries ensures that your cart can maintain its performance, reliability, and range. Since batteries are a significant maintenance investment, always work with a reputable battery supplier to purchase high-quality parts. If you have any doubts about the correct batteries for your golf cart, discuss your options with your battery supplier to ensure that you receive proper replacements. They can provide further information regarding golf cart batteries.


9 June 2021

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