Why You May Want To Consider Rebuilding Your Diesel Engine Instead Of Replacing It


Diesel engines in heavy-duty passenger trucks have become popular because they offer the power required for trucks to tow loads and work hard all day while still offering the dependability you need from the vehicle. However, if the engine starts to wear out and the truck is still in great shape, you may need to consider replacing or rebuilding it. There are some reasons to consider rebuilt diesel engines over new ones, and it is essential to assess your situation to determine what is best for your needs.

Replacing An Engine

When the engine in your truck is in need of replacement, the engine type, size, and manufacture all play a role in the cost of the job. Some engines are more expensive than others, but considering rebuilt diesel engines could be an excellent way to reduce the out-of-pocket costs and make the repair more manageable.

There are companies that specialize in rebuilding or remanufacturing engines specifically for trucks, and when done correctly, remanufactured diesel engines are every bit as dependable as brand-new ones. Most of the engine's internal parts are replaced during the rebuild, and everything is carefully inspected to ensure there is no damage to critical components that could cause a catastrophic failure when the engine is running.

The rebuilding process will reuse parts like the engine block and heads from the original engine. Before assembling starts, those components undergo cleaning and inspection to determine if they are usable. 

Cost Savings

Purchasing rebuilt diesel engines over new ones can reduce the cost significantly. The rebuilder may already have the engine complete, and if you give them your old engine when it comes out of the truck, they will discount the engine, sometimes by several hundred dollars.

The rebuilder can use your old engine and parts in the remanufacturing process and continue to recycle engines that truck owners will use later. However, if you want to keep the original block and heads in the truck, many rebuilt diesel engines can start with your own parts if you are willing to be without your vehicle while the work is being done. 

Rebuilding the existing engine is often a little more expensive because you lose the credit for the core. However, you retain your original engine, so the truck will still have all its original serial numbers. In some cases, that can add to the vehicle's value when you sell it and often makes it easier to find parts and accessories for the truck. There is no question about the original engine size or what it came from before it found a home in your vehicle.

If you are considering rebuilt diesel engines, but are unsure if they are the right options, talk to the rebuilder about the process, and they can help you decide what is best for your truck. 


4 August 2022

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