How Can You Tell If Your Auto AC Is In Trouble?


Your car AC is meant to keep your car temperatures comfortable as you drive around. A broken AC will make your daily commute an uncomfortable drag. You want to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Not Cooling

When your AC is not cooling at all, the most likely cause is low levels of refrigerant. There is an optimum level of refrigerant or Freon required for your AC to function properly. If it goes down even a little, your AC will not cool. In such a case a recharge of Freon is required.

Recharging your AC is a delicate procedure. If you overcharge the AC, you could damage your compressor. So, unless you are very sure, you are advised to call your auto AC repair technician to do the job.

Inadequate Cooling

It may be that your AC is producing cool air but just not cold enough. If your cooling fans are clogged with leaves, dirt or other debris, your AC's will not work efficiently. Check for clogging and remove the offending material.

Leaks in your car AC will also cause the system to work less efficiently. Such leaks could be due to worn seals and broken hoses. A UV detection kit will help you identify the leak.


A rattling or banging noise from your AC could indicate clogged vents.

No Blowing

There is cold air released but the fan is not blowing. Sorting out this problem can be simple or complex, depending on the problem. You may need to just

replace a wire or the entire fan unit. For many of these repairs, a simple online search will reveal how to replace smaller auto parts, and where to find them for sale. 

On and Off Cycle

When your AC goes on and off repeatedly, there is most likely a clogged valve that is hindering the flow of refrigerant. Again have this checked.

Water Stains Inside your Car

If you notice water stains inside your car, around the area of the front mats, it is very possible that your car AC is leaking water. This may be as a result of a blocked drainage.

Moldy Smell

A blocked AC drainage will also cause water to accumulate in the evaporator case, causing mold to grow and producing that moldy smell.

Before attempting to fix your car's AC, make sure you get a proper diagnosis of the problem. If you find the task too demanding, consult a professional service such as Joy  Automotive Products Inc.


27 December 2017

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